August 2014 : Joint Effort in Jhansi, Babina, Orchha & Chhatarpur


                After the work of Chhatarpur started smoothly, we started doing our work in a joint effort for developing all the selected areas, i.e., Jhansi and Babina in U.P. and Orchha and Chhatarpur in M.P., simultaneously as per the development needs of the areas.

               In Jhansi, we did a Health Awareness Camp in Konchha Bhanwar village on 4th August, especially for women and children. The basic concept of this camp was to make people aware of the importance of health and hygiene, as well as telling them the easiest ways to be healthy.

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                     On 8th August we started our one more mission of plantation, for which we vowed to plant atleast 50,000 plants in the upcoming 5 years. We did plantation in front of the Jhansi Fort. The chief guest of the function was the CDO of Jhansi, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Khatri.

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                      On 20th August one more 1090 – Women Power Line Awareness Camp was organized with the concept of women safety and empowerment at Suraj Prasad Inter College, Jhansi.

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            In Babina, on 26th August, at village Shekhar of Prithvipur Nayakheda Gram Panchayat of Babina, which is a Aadivasi village, looking at the bad condition of villagers regarding education, finance, health, etc., we organized a General Health as well as Cancer Awareness Camp as atleast 80% men of the village are used to tobacco and alcohol. We started our 9th Free Non Formal Education Center at the village for the poor children. Vocational training center was also started for the girls and women of Shekhar so that they can learn to stitch, embroider, make fashion jewellery, begs, etc. and earn. At the end of the program, fruits and vegetables plants were distributed among the villagers to plant and to earn.

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                   In Chhatarpur, the month of August was given to Liaison and Organic Farming. On 20th Aug at Aadivasi Tola, on 23rd Aug at Kundarpura, on 25th Aug at Kariya Beeja and on 27th Aug at Naya Purva villages camps were organized to connect the underprivileged villagers with the various government schemes like NREGA, FRA, LLY, JSY, etc., and to start doing organic farming. Trainings were given and as a result, people started making organic pedsticides, organic manures, amrat pani, seed treatment, etc. 4 villagers were linked by eye camps and their operations along with their specs were done.

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