Dec. 2014:Education, Health, Organic Farming, Livelihood & Group Formation


The month of December was dedicated to Health, thus we organized 4 health camps this month. On 1st Dec, being World Aids/HIV Day we organized an Awareness camp against HIV/Aids in village Lotana of Prithvipur block of M.P. In this camp we tried to spread awareness among people regarding the seriousness, symptoms, means of transmission, precautions to be taken, treatment available, etc. regarding HIV/Aids. We also focused on the removal of stigma and discrimination associated with it.

We organized 2 Free Eye Check-up, Treatment & Operation camp, 1st on 19th Dec at our Orchha office and 2nd on 22nd Dec in Babina. More than 180 patients from various villages like Orchha, Mador, Laadpura, Shantinagar, Budera, Lotana, Radhapur, Singhpura of M.P. and Shekhar, Bhagora, Koti, Chandauli, Sukwaan, Mohangarh, etc., took part in these camps, more than 100 patients got medicines, 47 got spectacles and 26 got operated for cataract in these camps. One similar free camp was organized on 27th Dec in Mauranipur for the Handicapped people of the same villages, where 10 handicapped persons got full treatment whatever was needed as surgery, artificial organs, medicines, etc.

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Apart form health, we continued promoting organic farming (this month we made Vermi Composed manure also), education, livelihood and group formation. On 8th Dec., one more ‘Pragati Shala’ and ‘Hunar Workshop’ (stitching workshop) was inaugurated at Laadpura village. In addition we formed 1 ‘Farmers’ clua & 1 Women’s club’ in village Lotana of Prithvipur.


Last but not the least, we celebrated Christmas on 25th Dec., with the villagers of Lotana, Shantinagar, Laadpura, Shekhar, Budera, Koti and Chandauli and distributed blankets, warm clothes and eatables among the needy and helpless villagers.

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