Nov. 2014:Organic Farming, Liaison, Group Formation & Childrens’ Day,


In Prithvipur block of Tikamgarh district of M.P. at Laadpura village on 2nd of Nov., we organized a workshop on Organic Farming, in which we taught farmers various detailed methods of making organic manures, pesticides, and tonics for the crops, as well as the methods of seed treatment and cost reduction in farming. Being convinced with the workshop, many farmers of the village have opted organic farming instead of chemical farming.


In all the villages where Pragati Rath is working, in addition of promoting organic farming, doing liaison work, working on education & health, we started Group Fromation. As a result, in Prithvipur block we formed ‘Farmers’ Club’ in Laadpura, Budera and Shantinagar and “women’s Club’ in Shantinagar.

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In Rajnagar block of Chhatarpur district of M.P., on 14th of Nov. we celebrated ‘Children’s Day’ at Government Primary School of village Nayapurwa, in which more than 50 children took part and presented various programs. This was a combined function of students from Primary schools of Nayapurwa and Kariyabeeja.


In villages Kundarpura and Aadivasi Tola (Bharwa), workshops on Organic Farming and Connecting people with the government schemes were held, as a result of which we made 40 persons to open their bank accounts under ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana’, 8 farmers made Amrit Pani’ and 1 ‘Youth Club’ (girls) was formed in village Aadivasi Tola (Bharwa). 

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