January to March 2015 : Carrying Forward with more Persistence


The first quarter of the year 2015 passed in carrying forward our work with more enthusiasm and persistence. In the month of January, we organized various camps at villages Shantinagar, Radhapur, Singhpura, Lotana (Niwari block of M.P.), Chandoli, Shekhar (Babina block of U.P.) , Nayapurwa and Kariya beeja (Rajnagar block of M.P.) for connecting people to various government institutions like Panchayats and schemes. As a result, 20 accounts were opened under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana in village Shekhar, 75 villagers of Kariyabeeja and Nayapurwa got free brinjal (eggplant) seeds from horticulture department and 4 others got registered in Horticulture department. At villages Mohangarh, Chandoli and Singhpura Pragati Shalas (Non Formal Education Centers) and at villages Singhpura, Shekhar and Chandoli Stitching Centers were opened. New Mahila Mandals were formed in villages Shekhar, Singhpura, Lotana and Budera and Kishori Mandals in villages Shantinagar, Budera and Chandoli. Many villagers had applied for job under MNREGA. Under Unnat Kheti program, organic farming training programs were organized at villages Laadpura, Singhpura, Budera and Kariyabeeja, as a result 19 farmers made Amrit Pani (Organic Manure) and Rambaan (Organic Pesticide).

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In the month of February, various camps were organized in all the selected villages on awareness generation, facilitating government schemes, promoting organic farming, etc. As a result, in Rajnagar block, 9 farmers got subsidy of Rs. 12500 from Horticulture department under ‘Masala Vistaar Yojana’ where they got seeds worth Rs. 6250 and Rs. 6250 were deposited directly in their bank accounts as wages. 8 farmers got registered under Horticulture Dept., 5 farmers made Amrit Pani and 1 made organic pesticide, 70 farmers got free mini kits for kitchen gardens, 60 accounts were opened under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana and 110 farmers got registered for selling their wheat directly to government.

In Babina block, 25 animals got check ups, as well as treatments through Animal Husbandry Dept., under ‘Paardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana’ 31 farmers got registered. At village Mohangarh, 1 more Stitching centre and at village Budera 1 more Pragati Shala was opened. At villages Shekhar, Mohangarh, Katela, Radhapur and Budera – Kisan Mandals, at Chandoli, Katela, Budera and Shantinagar – Mahila Mandals and at villages Chandoli and Mohangarh – Kishori Mandals were formed.

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In the month of March, Health Awareness Camps were organized at villages Chandoli, Budera, Shekhar and Radhapur and School Chalo Rally was organized in village Chandoli. 1 more Stitching centre was opened at village Budera. Under ‘Pahunch’ program (connecting people to government schemes), at Babina block 10 forms were filled for Ration Card, 30 Aadhar Cards were made, 3 forms were filled for availing Samajvadi Pension, 4 persons got check ups and treatments from Babina PHC.

At Rajnagar Block, 55 farmers got free seeds for kitchen gardens, 17 persons got Rs. 12000 in their bank accounts for the construction of toilets and 77 accounts were opened under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana.

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