July, August & September 2015: Awareness Generation, Skill Development & ‘Baal Sabhas’


             The quarter of July to September 2015 was in the name of Awareness Generation Camps and Skill Development Workshops.
In the month of July, we organized 2 Women Empowerment and Know Your Right Camps at villages Budera and Laadpura of Niwari Block of M.P. The motive of these camps was to make the women of these villages aware of their rights and their place in the family as well as society. One camp named Social Awareness Generation Camp was also organized by us at village Katela of Babina Block of U.P. so as to create awareness among the people regarding the evil effects of following practices like dowry, child marriage, sex discrimination, sexual abuse, tobacco and alcohol use, etc., as well as to motivate them towards girl education, health and hygiene, unity and brotherhood, etc. One more camp in the name of ‘Malaria Awareness Camp’ was organized at village Chandoli, U.P., keeping in the view the monsoon season, which is very likely to give a severe rise to the number of mosquitoes due to which the risk of Malaria increases many folds. We started 2 more Stitching Training Centers, each with a batch of 30 ladies who are learning stitching clothes in these centers, 1 at Nainagarh, Nagra, Jhansi and another at Pragati Rath Office situated at Sir Sayyad Nagar Colony, Thana Prem Nagar, Jhansi. One more thing to mention at last, we conducted the vaccination of 108 animals in village Shekhar, U.P.

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            The month of August was also full of Awareness Ganaration Camps. We conducted 3 Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Camps, 1st at village Katela, U.P., 2nd at village Shekhar, U.P. and 3rd at village Laadpura, M.P. The mission was to motivate people towards allowing girls to take birth as well as to get education. A camp named Women Empowerment & Know Your Rights Camp was also conducted at village Budera, M.P.; a Health Awareness Camp was organized at village Katela with the purpose of making people aware towards being healthy and maintaining hygiene. In the series, a Awareness Generation Camp for Environment Conservation was also conducted at village Chandoli, U.P., with the motive of telling people how important our environment is for all of us, and what and how we can do to save our environment. One more camp was organized to make people avail the various government schemes, as a result of which 10 persons filled the forms for Solar Lights.

          Besides conducting all these camps, we celebrated ‘Jashne-Azadi’ (our Independence Day) on 15th of August at village Katela with the children (along with their parents) who are studying in our Pragati Shala being run in the village.

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            In the month of September, we conducted 3 Health Awareness Camps, 1st at village Laadpura, M.P., 2nd at village Chandoli, U.P. and 3rd at village Katela, U.P. to motivate people towards following health and hygiene tips, to encourage them to avail various health benefits available for them at PHCs and other government institutions for their families including women and children.

            Beside our routine work, we started organizing ‘Baal Sabhas’ at each village where we are working by having individual conversations with the children followed by various competitions, games, dance, etc., so as to check the progress of the children due to our efforts as well as to give them a platform for the exposure of their hidden talents and to build self confidence among them.

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