October, November &December 2015 : Routine Work with Year End Assessment


In the month of October, we organized one special camp on the occasions of International Day of the Girl Child, for the girls of village Radhapur, M.P., where we gave them detailed information on their rights and safety and motivated them towards getting education. An Artificial Jewellary Training workshop was organized at village Chandoli, U.P. under our skill development program and Stitching workshop was organized at village Laadpura.

At Pragati Rath Office we conducted a camp especially for ladies named ‘Cancer Awareness Camp’ where we made the ladies aware of Cancer especially Breast and Cervical Cancer which is now a days becoming very serious and common among ladies.

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November was dedicated to women empowerment. We organized 3 Candle Making Workshops at Pragarti Rath Office, Jhansi, at village Mohangarh, U.P. and at village Chandoli, U.P. We also organized 3 Artificial Jewellary Making Workshops – at village Chandoli, Radhapur and Laadpura, motive was one only – to make women economically self dependent. We conducted 2 Health Awareness Camps also especially for Women at village Radhapur and Laadpura, M.P.

On 19th of November, on the birthday of Maharani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi, we organized a Women Safety and Health Check up Camp at Pragati Rath Office, Jhansi. At the camp we gave some very useful, easy to apply and fool proof tips to the ladies present at the camp for their safety as well as 318 ladies got free check up and medicines from the medical team from the Civil Hopspital, Jhansi.

On 25th November, on the occasion of International Day for the Elimination Of Violence Against Women, we arranged a rally followed by Candle March with a organization named ‘Mahila Samakhya’ for raising our voice against violence against women at Rani Lakshmi Bai Park, Jhansi.

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In addition to HIV/AIDS Awareness Camp organized at village Mohangarh, U.P. on 1st Dec. (Wold AIDS Day) for spreading awareness against HIV/AIDS, the month of December was assessment month for us. Pragati Rath Director, Mr. Vijay Chauhan took the initiative of self assessment of Pragati Rath so as to check the effectiveness of the efforts done by us from January to December 2015. For the purpose he along with Pragati Rath team visited village Laadpura, Radhapur and Mohangarh and had a conversation with the villagers, so as to take their feedback regarding our work as well as the improvement in their lives as a result of our efforts. The purpose was also to take their advice for the next year so that we can make our efforts more effective and useful.

In the meanwhile on the occasion of Christmas, we organized 3days Christmas celebration with the villagers. On 23rd we conducted a Health Awareness Camp at village Mohangarh, made villagers aware of health & hygiene and distributed soap, oil , shampoo, etc. among the children. On 24th we organized various competitions as drawing, dance, singing, etc. at villages Laadpura and Radhapur and distributed the prizes to the winners. On 25th we we celebrated Christmas at Mohangarh where Santa Claus distributed sweets, eatables, clothes, blankets, warm clothes, etc. among the villagers. We played various games with the villagers and gave away the prizes to the winners, where villagers as well as our team enjoyed a lot.

As a bonus from the year, we started working in Faridabad (Haryana) from 20th of Dec. There we started from connecting with other NGOs. On 27th of Dec. we organized an event against the sexual exploitation specially the rape cases against the children there with some other NGOs as CWES and Mission Jagruti.

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