July, August & September 2016: Started a new Journey While Carrying Forward the Routine Work


After we started our journey in Shivpuri district of M.P., while carrying forward our routine work, we gave our Shivpuri work a boom by continuing that work on regular basis.

In the month of September 2016, in U.P. we started one more stitching center at village Panihaari and one more Pragati Shala (Non Formal Education Centre) at village Khajaraha Khurd, both are from Babina block of Jhansi. At villages Khajaraha Bujurg, Toonka and Bhadra (Babina) camps for the promotion of Organic Farming has been conducted. At Pt. Krishna Chandra Sharma Girls Degree College, Jhansi we conducted ‘Ansuni na Ho Meri Aawaz’ Camp for the young college girls so that they can safeguard themselves from the harassment against them of any kind. At Khajaraha Khurd- a Health & Hygiene Awareness Camp and at Khajaraha Bujurg, Toonka and Bhadra – camps for the promotion of Organic Farming and abolition of Child Marriage were conducted with the help of documentary movies on the issues. On 25th of September 2016 along with Civil Hospital Jhansi, we conducted a Pulse Polio Camp at Jhansi.

In M.P., at village Radhapur of Niwari district an SHG has been formed, at village Teela Ghat (Shivpuri) an awareness camp against Open Defecation was conducted where people were made aware of the adverse effects of open defecation especially for women. At village Khirai (Shivpuri) an awareness camp was organized for children and women for making them aware of day by day increasing crime against children and women as well as they were taught the ways to protect themselves from becoming the victims of such crimes. At villages Bijrawan, Chak and Badagaon of Shivpuri people were made aware of the advantages of being literate and Employment Guarantee Schemes through Literacy Awareness Camps and Advocacy Camps. At villages Badagaon, Bijrawan, Teela Ghat, Baans Khedi & Khirai (Shivpuri) various camps were organized for making people aware of health & hygiene and various schemes launched by Central as well as State Government, their eligibility criteria, procedure of application, etc.

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In the month of August 2016, in U.P. on 1st of August 2016 we celebrated our 4th ‘Prerna Parv’ on the Birth Anniversary of our beloved daddy, the Pioneer of Pragati Rath by opening one more vocational training center at our office and doing plantation at St. John’s Church by honorable MLA of Jhansi Pt. Ravi Sharma. One more Pragati Shala was started at village Sadh (Babina). On 15th of August we celebrated our Independence Day by opening an Information Center at Village Simrawari (Babina) by honorable MLA of Babina Mr. K.P. Rajpoot. We also participated at ‘ASHA Sammelan’ organized by Health Department, Jhansi.

In M.P. at Shivpuri, we organized various awareness camps including special camp for children to make them aware of education and their rights at village Baanskhedi Chak & Bijrawan; Health & Hygiene Awareness Camps at villages Teela Ghaat, Chak, Bijrawan, Baanskhedi & Bada Gaon where we took the help of the villagers to clean the roads and drains of their villages; Awareness Camps for making people avail various government schemes at villages Khirai, & Teela Ghaat. At the primary government school of village Bada Gaon we did plantation with the help of school students and their teachers on 11th of August and gave farewell to the Principal of the school on 30th of August.

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In the month of July 2016, in U.P. being a part of BRG Committee we gave training to the Aaganwadi workers at Bada Gaon block and Jhansi Nagar Nigam under ISSNIP (ICDS System Strengthening & Nutritional Improvement Program)  for taking proper care and properly guiding pregnant women and children. At village Mohangarh medicines were distributed among the patients after through check up by Dr. Anshul Khatri – Vice President of Pragati Rath followed by Organic Farming Training Camps at villages Khajaraha Khurd, Khajaraha Bujurg Laadpura and Mohangarh where the farmers were taught to make ‘Matka Khaad’, ‘Amrit Pani’ etc. Under Awareness Camps, villagers of Tekanpur were made aware of MNREGA and other government schemes, villagers of Sadh were made aware of the benefits as well as the procedure of RTI and villagers of Tekanpur were made aware of vaccination for their live stock.

On 15th & 16th of July 2016, we attended ‘2 day Capacity Building Workshop for Voluntary Organizations’ conducted by ISRN under the banner of Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti, Delhi as one of their partners and learned a lot. On 17th of July 2016, we organized ‘Gau Raksha Jaagrauka Rally’ with association with many voluntary organizations at Faridabad.

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