October, November & December 2016 : Making People Compatible with Demonetization with Other Activities


In December 2016, like every year we tried to give some relief to the poor villagers of village Mohangarh and Sekhar (Babina) from severe cold of Central India by giving them warm clothes, blankets, etc. followed by inauguration of one more Stitching Training center at village Bhadra (Babina). We organized an Awareness camp for connecting people with various government schemes at village Panihari and a Free Health Check Up Camp at village Khajaraha Khurd where Vice President of Pragati Rath and Sr. Physician of St. Jude Hospital Jhansi Dr. Anshul Khatri treated 117 patients. As a new initiative we organized a workshop for the differently abled members of ‘Maharani Jhansi Badhir Association, Jhansi’ where we tried to talk to them, understand their problems, recognize their talents and exploring new platforms for them so that they can make their tomorrow better.

In November 2016, we started with a Candle Making Workshop at villages Khajaraha Khurd and Panihari, Babina, U.P. and Free Health Check Up Camp at villages Bhadra but after Demonetization we focused on making people compatible with Demonetization, as it was a new phenomenon to most of us and people didn’t know what and how to do. Thus, we organized various Awareness Camps to make people understand Demonetization and how to get benefit from it at various villages like Khajaraha Khurd, Tapariyan and Panihari in Babina, U.P. and Rai Shree, Naya Gaon and Kakarwaya of Shivpuri, M.P.

October 2016 was a month for us to focus on village Khajaraha Khurd, Babina, U.P.  where we observed a great scope for development and organized various awareness camps as for the promotion of Organic Farming, Health Awareness, Awareness against ‘Anna Pratha’ for the left animals as a joint effort of Animal Hospital of Babina and Bada Gaon, Jhansi. In these camps we got very positive response from the villagers. We also celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shashtri Jayanti on 2nd of October at the same village where along with all the villagers we paid tribute to both of the legends including a special thanks to Indian Army because of which we are safe in our homes.



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