War Against COVID-19


Right from the arrival of COVID-19 in India, Pragati Rath has started war against it. This war has 2 phases: 1st phase is distributing more than 5000 masks [100 % cotton, hand made, sensitized, triple layered masks (made by our SHGs)] to various Police forces like Mahila Thana, Traffic Police, GRP Thana, Railwat Police along with teachers, students and common men as well as creating awareness among them to protect their-selves from Corona.

2nd phase is to ensure food supply to the daily wagers who have lost their livelihood during lockdown. By God’s grace we have distributed over 4000 kits in Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh. Each ration kit is good for a family of five people for a week – that means these 4000 kits translate to more than 2 lakh meals (2000 kits = 2000 * 7 days * 3 times a day * 5 family members). I addition, we are providing ready to eat food packages also. Till now more than 8500 food packets.

As we all know this lockdown may continue to several more days so we are aiming at 5000 such kits.


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