September 9, 2013

Stories of Change

  • More than 320 children are getting free education in 12 Pragati Shalas run by us.
  • 150+ children got free computer education in our computer center.
  • 24 lady prisoners of District Jail, Jhansi, more than 60 village ladies are now able to make artificial jewellery and more than 120 village ladies are now able to make insence sticks, 70 ladies can make beautiful mehndi, 30 ladies can make envelopes, and 25 ladies can make candles and earn.
  • More than 200 village girls are now been sent to schools who were not allowed to go to schools being girls and around 300 families vowed not to kill their born or unborn children being a girl.
  • 20 families of village Pathari have become economically self dependent as they got their own poultry farms.
  • More than115 families of village Bedora, Chamrauaa and Pathari have got benefited through our efforts of providing sustainable livelihoods.
  • More than 200 families are happy now as their family members had left tobacco and alcohol.
  • More than 500 patients are getting free check ups and treatment through us.
  • Women of Jhansi and nearby villages are getting active on 1090 and know the means of their safety because of awareness spread by us.
  • 14 villages started adopting Organic Farming; farmers started making Organic Pesticides and manures like Amrat Pani.
  • We are working for the rehabilitation of cancer patients for last 50 years.
  • In 10 Free Stitching Centers run by us more than 180 ladies are learning stitching and are ready to become self dependent.