August 5, 2013

NGO Partners

Pragati Rath is proudly working with:

  • Child Welfare and Educational Society (CWES), Faridabad – Regd. No. 96/2007-08 for conducting various skill development trainings together especially for youth.
  • Jhansi Catholic Seva Samaj, Jhansi, U.P. (Social Welfare Centre, Bishop’s House, 64 Cantt, Jhansi, U.P. – Regd. No. 100 of 1-10-85) for the welfare of cancer, HIV/AIDS patients, orphans and aged as well as differently abled for their education and empowerment and providing sustainable livelihoods.
  • Samaj Kalyan Chikitsa Seva Sanstha, Shivpuri – Regd. No. gwl07/91 for work in health sector.
  • Seva Samarpan Samiti, Jhansi, U.P. (291, Premganj, Sipri Bazar, Jhansi, U.P. – Regd. No. J-24309) for free education of poor children.
  • Holy Mother India Public School, (Nai Basti , Jhansi) (Recognized by U.P. Govt.) for free education of poor children.
  • Sant Pushpa Vidhya Mandir (Vill. Jharai, P.O. Sindwara, Dist. Lalitpur, U.P.) for free education of poor children.
  • Nirmala Convent Girls’ Inter College (Garhia Phatak, Prem Nagar, Jhans, U.P.) for free education of poor children.
  • Bates Memorial School (Recognized by U.P. Govt., Masiha Ganj, Sipri Bazar, Jhansi, U.P.) for free education of poor children.
  • Manav Kalyan Sansthan (Human Welfare Institution, Jhansi, Reg. – 1993; 80, Kaliwada, Puliya No. 9, Jhansi, U.P.) for the welfare of the underprivileged and the weaker sections of the society.
  • District Jail, Jhansi for imparting training to the prisoners so as to provide them a means of livelihood and helping them in their restoration also.