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'Pani Wali Dharmshala Bachao' Abhiyaan

Posted on 27th March 2022; Updated on 24th June 2022

‘Pani Wali Dharmshala Bachao Abhiyan’ was the name given to a campaign focused on saving Pani Wali Dharmshala of Jhansi which is an historical and renowned natural underground water body associated with Maharani Lakshmi Bai Saheb of Jhansi. In few last decades, this water body has turned into a pool of mud, garbage, water hyacinth, mosquitoes, water borne diseases, foul smell, killing all water creatures, making the lives of people living around it a hell. Pragati Rath took an initiative along with Nagar Nigam Jhansi to change the picture of this water body. We started awareness campaign for the people living here to stop them from throwing household as well as religious waste and to become a volunteer for saving Pani Wali Dharmshala through various activities involving each and every stakeholder like organising jansabhas, banner installation, pamphlet distribution, cleanliness drives, displaying documentaries, street plays, various competitions for children, rally, feedback collection, honouring safai karmis, etc. With the support of local people, our campaign has gained popularity and started showing positive results.

Posted on 27th March 2022; Updated on 15th April 2022

As we did this work 2 times earlier also for Nagar Nigam Jhansi, this year also we got a chance to do this work again. Under this program, we are collecting citizen feedbacks and making people of Jhansi aware of cleanliness, making & using toilets at homes, removal of open defecation, proper disposal of wet waste, dry waste and industrial waste separately, using public toilets, etc., in all the 60 wards of Jhansi Nagar Nigam for Swachch Sarvekshan 2022 on behalf of Jhansi Nagar Nigam. We started this work from 25th of February 2022 and continued till 15th April 2022 and tried to bring Jhansi among top 5 cities under Swachh Survekshan 2022.

Posted on 8th February 2022

Keeping in mind the cruciality of Covid-19 pandemic, Pragati Rath organized a Blood Donation Camp at the Blood Bank of District Hospital (Civil Hospital), Jhansi. All of the Pragati Rath members along with many volunteers donated the blood.

Posted on 31st January 2022; Updated on 20th February 2022

SVEEP is ‘Systematic Voters’ Education & Electoral Participation’ Program which is conducted by Election Commission of India at every election. on 20th of January 2022, there were election in Jhansi, keeping this in mind, Pragati Rath participated in SVEEP 2022 and made people of Jhansi realize the power of each and every vote. We tried to convince people to cast their votes irrespective of caste, religion or any financial benefit. Our aim was to help in getting high percentage of vote in Jhansi. At the day of voting also we helped old people and Divyang Bandhu to cast their votes.

Posted on 31st January 2022

On 31st of January 2022 we organized a Free Health Check Up and Treatment Camp at out office at Jhansi. At the camp, 2 doctors – Dr. Shivaseesh Khare (Dentist), who is the Director of Pragati Rath and Dr. D. K. Raj (Acupuncture & Acupressure Expert) took part and checked and treated patients. Along with treatment, Dr. Raj gave a small training on how to manage the situation during health emergencies by checking on various pressure points.

Posted on 5th January 2022

GLTP stands for 1 day Group Leaders’ Training Program supported by NABARD and organized by Pragati Rath on 5th of January 2022 at Jhansi. The program was organized for giving traininig to SHG leaders for their capacity building. The objective of the program was to strengthen the leaders of the SHGs so as to make SHGs more productive and effective. The trainers of the program were Mrs. Saroj Yadav who is a successful SHG leader and Mr. B. B. Lal, FLC (Financial Literacy Councellor) from Punjab National Bank. Mrs. Saroj trained SHG Didis’ on proper maintenance of SHG registers, meetings, roles and responsibilities of each and every group member, etc. Mr. Lal trained them on Micro Planning on Livelihood, Micro Finance and on availing various banking schemes. The training was given to 60 Didis’ of 30 SHGs of Jhansi.

Posted on 5th January 2022

Sharad Mela 2022 was a two day fair organized with the motive of providing a platform to the women of SHGs to showcase and sell their products. Mela was organized by NABARD, supported by UPSRLM and implemented by Pragati Rath on 4th & 5th of January 2022. On the 4th of January 2022, Mela was inaugurated by honourable Cabinet Minister Mr. Ram Naresh Agnihotri (Excise & Liquor Prohibition Department, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh). Among the other dignitaries were Mrs. Rama Niranjan (MLC Jhansi), Mr. Bihari Lal Arya (MLA Mauranipur), Mr. Ramtirth Singhal (Mayor Jhansi), Mr. Ravindra Kumar (District Magistrate Jhansi), Mr. Shailesh Kumar (Chief Development Officer Jhansi) and Mr. Vivek Tripathi (SP City, Jhansi). In the Mela, 27 SHGs of all the 8 blocks of Jhansi named Moth, Mauranipur, Bangra, Bamaur, Gursaray, Baragaon, Chirgaon and Babina took part, showcasing a variety of products made by them. The Mela was organized at Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Sabhagar of Jhansi which was a grand success. SHG Didi’s got a good exposure along with a good sale.

Posted on 5th December 2021

Pragati Rath has a very important motive of making people self dependent. Keeping this in mind, this year we helped Mrs. Chandra Aadivasi and Mr. Mangal Soni financially so that their lives can become better. Chandra is an old lady whose husband got paralysis and thus couldn’t work, she has a sick daughter and 2 grandchildren to look after. She wanted to open a small movable toy shop through which she can give her family a respectable life. Pragati Rath helped her financially to open the shop.

Mangal Soni is a daily wage earner and a father of a 4 years old son who has problem in walking as one of his leg is smaller than the other by birth, doctors advised him to put a caliper shoe which can help his son a lot, but Mangal was not financially sound, thus Pragati Rath helped him in getting caliper shoe for his son.

Posted on 1st August 2021; Updated on 15th February 2022

To celebrate Umang, this year also we distributed clothes, blankets, woolens, food to more than 5000 people on various occasions. We celebrated various occasions like Independence Day, Republic Day, Army Day, Flag Day, birth and death anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shashtri, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Swami Vivekanand, etc. including the anniversaries of persons special to Pragati Rath to give a motivation to the society.

Posted on 11th April 2021; Updated on 31st October 2021

As our environment conservation program is 2 fold, we take necessary steps on environment conservation as well as try to transform agriculture from chemical to organic. For environment conservation, we start from spreading awareness about conserving all the natural resources especially soil and water through various means. We get involved in cleaning of water bodies like wells and ponds, making soak pits to store rain water and every year plant at least 5000 plants. This year we have cleaned 7 wells, made 24 soak pits, repaired 9 hand pumps with the beneficiary support and planted 5000 plants at such places where these saplings can be taken proper care of. For transforming agriculture we organized various organic farming workshops as well.

Posted on 11th April 2021; Updated on 6th March 2022

Poshahar which we started in 2020 with 20 families, this year also we continued this program. For this we scrutinized 20 families which were in severe need of ration supply. in these 20 families some families were of 2020 and some new families are newly added. Our ration kits contain ration to suffice the needs of the family as per the family size.

Posted on 25th January 2021; Updated on 6th March 2022

In the year 2021, when vaccination against Covid-19 started in India on 16th of January 2021, we started creating awareness about vaccination and kept distributing masks. this awareness included convincing people to take vaccination overcoming the various myths associated with vaccination as well as helping people in registering themselves for vaccination. Pragati Rath facilitated District Hospital in Jhansi as mobilizer and verifier in whole of Babina block of Jhansi district. In this event, we organized 79 vaccination camps in which we facilitated 36000+ vaccine doses. We provided 5 oxygen concentrators free of cost for the general public who were hospitalized at various hospitals. Till date these concentrators helped more than 7800 patients. For these efforts many agencies including DM Jhansi, CMO Jhansi, Indian Media Council, Policewala Magazine and 91.1 FM Tadka recognized the work of Pragati Rath.

Posted on 16th March 2021, Updated on 31st March 2021

With the financial support of NABARD and Jila Sahkari Kendriya Bank Maryadit, Shahdol we conducted 64 financial literacy awareness programs in 64 villages of Shahdol district of M.P. The motive of these programs was to make villagers aware of the benefits of digital financial transactions, to assist them in opening bank accounts, linking their bank accounts with their Aadhars and mobiles and to make them capable of availing various government and banking schemes.

Posted on 8th January 2021; Updated on 31st March 2021

Under this program, we collected citizen feedbacks and made people of Jhansi aware of cleanliness, making & using toilets at homes, removal of open defecation, proper disposal of wet waste, dry waste and industrial waste separately, using public toilets, etc., in all the 60 wards of Jhansi Nagar Nigam for Swachch Sarvekshan 2021 on behalf of Jhansi Nagar Nigam. We did this work from 8th of January 2021 to 31st March 2021 and collected 298,224 feedbacks. As a result of awareness drive, Jhansi is awarded as a ‘Garbage Free City’.

Posted on 5th January 2021; Updated on 30th March 2021

We run 10 farmers’ clubs in Orchha block of Niwadi district of M.P. with the financial assistance from NABARD, where we train farmers and made them adopt organic farming and other modern and innovative techniques of farming like the use of vermicompost, organic seed treatment, crop rotation, changing cropping pattern, fruit and vegetable cultivation, 3 tier farming, use of sprinklers or drip irrigation, etc. through expert visits and exposure visits.

Posted on 16th December 2020; Updated on 18th February 2021

Through this program, our aim is to bring a social change. We try to do behavioural change and to create a sense of social responsibility through social awareness generation among people on various issues. We also try to give people some relief related to their problems like we distributed 850 blankets, 1100 clothes sets, 500 sweaters, 250 stationery kits and food to more than 5000 people on various occasions. We celebrate various occasions of national and international importance as Independence Day, Republic Day, birth & death anniversaries of special persons, Christmas, etc., so as to bring a smile on each face.

Posted on 16th October 2020; Updated on 20th December 2020

This year we conducted a ‘Road Safety & Advocacy Program’ from 16th October to 15th December 2020 supported by ‘Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India’. Under this program we tried to mobilize and sensitize people for road safety. We distributed 50,000 pamphlets, played 10 street plays, put 10 hoardings at 10 prominent places all over the city, put more than 5000 posters and stickers on light as well as heavy vehicles, organized ‘Safe Safar Seminar’ and ‘Safe Safar Road Show’, inaugurated a CD having road safety songs and dedicated it to Jhansi administration, conducted various meetings with district as well as state authorities. The motive was just to spread awareness on following road safety rules and lower the rate of accidents in Jhansi district. We included district administration, MLA, Nagar Nigam, police officials, traffic police, RTO, motor union, driving schools, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Big FM radio, local newspapers, Civil Defense, NCC cadets, NSS volunteers, Scout & Guide students, college students and general public in the program. During this program, we touched over 200,000 people.

Posted on 25th April 2020; Updated on 27th December 2020

We started a new program named ‘Poshahar’ in 2020 for the families who lost their earning member due to Covid – 19 or any other disease or the family is not able to earn their daily bread may be because of lockdown or any other reason, so that they can get at least 3 nutritional meals a day. Under this program, we have identified 20 such families and we give monthly ration to these families as a token of support. Meanwhile, we try to find some source of livelihood for them also as we don’t believe in making any one dependent.

Posted on 28th May 2020 ;Updated on 25th August 2020

For conservation of environment, Pragati Rath focuses primarily on conserving natural resources and transformation of agriculture. We do this through plantation, promotion of organic farming; rain water harvesting, crop rotation, changing cropping pattern, etc. In villages where we work, we promote and train people on various techniques of making organic manures, seed treatment, vermicompost, etc. so that agriculture can be made a business of profit along with making it poison free. This year we planted more than 5000 trees in the fields of the farmers giving them the responsibility of taking care of these trees. We also conducted various activities on water conservation which included cleaning of wells.

Posted on 12th May 2020; Updated on 31st March 2021

Jagriti is the name given to our education program and is based on awakening up of villagers for education along with running Pragati Shalas (Non-Formal Education Centres), where we provide primary education to children not going to school or dropouts from school between the age group of 3 to 12. With basic education, children here get educated on Vedic Maths, Yoga, Digital Literacy, Morals, Heritage of India, etc. We focus on holistic development of children. This year we have run 3 Pragati Shalas where we taught 205 kids (as this year most of the kids are drop outs). Monthly exams were conducted along with Half-Yearly and Final Exams to check their progress where we distributed gifts, clothes and woolens among the kids as a token of encouragement.

Posted on April 11, 2020; Updated on December 31, 2020

Right from the arrival of COVID-19 in India in 2020, Pragati Rath has started war against it. This war has 2 phases: 1st phase included awareness generation and 2nd phase included distribution of masks, ration, food packets, clothes and other essential items. During the year 2020 on a whole, we created awareness related to Covid – 19 among people covering more than 5 lakh people, distributed more than 20000 masks [100 % cotton, hand made, sensitized, triple layered masks (made by our SHGs)], sanitizers to 5000 people, food packets to 35000 people, around 70000 water pouches, more than 11350 ration kits having 15 days complete ration for a family of 5. We sanitized colonies covering over a population of 5 lakh people. We also provided 6000 sanitary pad packets, 10000 soap cakes, 1000 sets of clothes and 1000 stationery kits. We tried to help people suffering because of Covid – 19 pandemic in every possible manner.